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Global History Thematic Essay Topics

Best Answer:  There are 15 themes covered in Global History (remember, the test is on this year AND last year!)
They are:

-Turning points
-Belief systems
-Geography and environment
-Economic systems
-Political systems
-Culture and intellectual life
-Diversity and independence
-Justice and human rights
-Movement of people and goods
-Science and technology
-Modern Global Connections and interactions

To study for the thematic essay, I've made a flash card for each theme, and on the back I write a thesis and 2 examples of history I could use, along with 5 or so bullet points summarizing what I can write in each body paragraph (for example, if the flash card topic was Justice and human rights, I would write "Protestant reformation" with 5 bullet points on the important facts about it, and then under that I could write "Mahatma Gandi" with 5 bullet points on his contribution on freeing India from being imperialized by the British). I've done about 3 practice tests, and I've noticed that information definitely comes back to you when you do problems and check your answers. The DBQ shouldn't be hard at all, nothing to worry about, it practically writes itself. Just Do old regents for practice and use the flash card system and you will be more than fine! Also, there is a generous curve, so if you get a 85% or higher, your grade will be curved to 100%!

But good luck! I'm taking it tomorrow (Tuesday), and I actually stayed home from my last day of school to study :P

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