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Pst201f Assignment 023

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Memo for the assignments

Posted by bezuidfr 


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Hi Mac

I've worked through my assignments and all but will we be receiving a memo of the assignments? There's some answers that i'm not sure of and can't get it in my book.

Thank you


Yes we will make it available a bit later...


Mind you, I can just as well make them available now. See downloads.


Hi Mac

The solution for assignmet 1 is the 1st semester solution.
solution for assignment 2 is correct though.


Oh goodness. Which is why I shoudl stick with my planned dates. It should be corrected now.


Hi Mac

I went through the memo and found answers mark wrong or lets say that is what I'm thinking, assignment 1 "Q185 - my answer- value added network (VAN), memo answer Value-added network (VAN).", and assignment 2 "Q135 -my answer -Yahoo wallet, memo answer - Yahoo! Wallet. Q140 - my answer - Content Managers or Content Editors, memo answer - Content Managers, Content editors."

From what I've seen 3marks can make a 1-2 percent difference that can have an impack on the final mark for the year.

Will there be any exam or only the portfolio, just making sure and is the portfolio the practical that we're currently working on?



Mmmm. The purpose of the assignments is to get you to work through the handbook in preparation for the examination, the exam mark and your prac (portfolio) mark accounting for 90% of your year mark, so 3 marks will not make much a difference. Having said that, there is a difference between Yahoo and Yahoo! I will ask Mrs Loock to correct it for you.


I noticed the same - for assessment 1 question 181 - the accepted answers are listed as cost per thousand or CPM. I put both - the answer in full with the abbreviation in brackets after it but didn't get the mark...

Agreed, one or two marks are of no consequence, but perhaps the marking software needs to be a little bit more flexible, or the results for the non-multiple choice sections should be checked by a human eye before the automatically-generated marks are accepted.

Also, how are the marks for the essay questions assigned? On the returned results page they are just ticked and the overall final mark seems to be just the same (in both assignments) as the mark for the non-essay questions. Does this mean that the essay questions didn't actually contribute to the marks - either positively or negatively - as long as we completed them?


No, the essay questions are marked by Ms Loock. That is the other reason you had to sent them in (the other reason, as explained in the tut, is that your assignment needs to be registered through the Unisa assignment system).

When we have all your marks (online assignment marks, offline essays marks, exam and prac we calculate a single "portfolio" mark, which is fed into the system. Unisa's system does not really cater for a portfolio mark. Normal marks are easy - you just feed them in the the system which then do the calculations. We have to "redo" it all manually before we enter the one single (portfolio) mark. Hence your assignment mark cannot exclude you from the sit-down examination - the only requirement is that "an assignment" had to be registered on the system.

As to the flexibility of the marking software - that is why we ask few completion questions


Hmm, well to be brutally honest, I'm not very impressed with the assessment method used in the first two assignments. I can see that it is very low input and easy for you as lecturers to make use of the automatic marking system but it is not assessing the students' understanding of the course material at all. All it is actually testing is our pattern matching ability. My 8 year old kid could have scored as well as I did just by searching for the sentences in the text. It is more suited to primary school level than tertiary education level especially if, as you said in another posting, the course is aimed at 'manager' level. I would suggest that if you continue the course you scrap the True/False questions and manually set (and mark!) questions which require answers which demonstrate comprehension of the material. Perhaps make it a requirement that the students complete one or two of the Review Questions or Exercises from each chapter. Or, given that the exam will be a better test of understanding, don't assess on the book at all.

Please don't take this negatively, it is intended as constructive criticism to improve the value of the course from a student's perspective!



Well, we do not add significant value to these assignments and neither should you! We are quite happy and comfortable with our approach, since the certificate we award you does not depend on these minor ssignments - they are merely there to force you to read through the handbook. The handbook we use is updated yearly, and the version you have may well be obsolete in a year or two. Hence we prefer an open handbook approach were we largely test for application skills. If you think an open book makes it easier then you may well be in for a surprise! The reality is that a good manager will always have a handbook nearby. And you'd be surpised at the amount of current research that is generated by automated marking systems.



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