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Essay Written By Helen Keller

Helen Keller was an Americanwriter and speaker. She was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama in 1880. When she was nineteen months old she became sick and lost her eyesight and hearing. The doctor didn't know what it was, so he called it a "congestion of the stomach and brain." Some people say that it was scarlet fever or meningitis. She was an obedient and good girl.

When Helen was seven years old, her family decided to find a teacher for her. They wrote to Michael Anagnos, who was the director of the Perkins Institute and Asylum for the Blind. They asked him to help them find a teacher for their daughter. He wrote to them and told them that he knew a young teacher and her name was Anne Sullivan. She had been blind, but a series of operations helped restore her eyesight. Anne traveled to Alabama to live with Helen’s family and to teach her. Anne went to live with the Keller family in March, 1887.

Anne helped Helen to learn how to communicate with other people. She taught her the names of things by writing the words on Helen’s hand. At first Helen didn't understand the meaning of the words. Helen's first word was "water". She learned this word when Anne put Helen's hand under some water and wrote W,A,T,E,R on her hand. Then she learnt the words with this method. In 1890, Helen’s family sent her to the Perkins Institute to learn how to speak and communicate. When she was nineteen years old, Helen went to Radcliffe College in Massachusetts. She graduated from Radcliffe in 1904. She was the first deaf and blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

In 1903, Helen wrote a book about her life. It was called The Story of My Life. The movie The Miracle Worker, made in 1962, was based on Helen's book. She also wrote a book about Anne Sullivan called Teacher. She wrote twelve other books.

Helen tried to help poor people and other blind people during her life. She traveled to over 39 countries with Anne to talk about her life and experiences. When Helen was in Japan, she met Hachiko, a famous Akita. She decided to adopt an Akita, and was the first person to bring an Akita to America.

Helen Keller wanted to get married. She fell in love with her secretary, but her mother didn't allow Helen to marry him. At that time, disabled people often could not marry. Helen Keller died in her sleep on June 1, 1968, at Arcan Ridge in Connecticut.

Helen's Essays.

Helen was a prolific writer; her personal correspondance alone makes up an enormous archive, without going into public writings. Here though, the main focus is on journalistic pieces and columns she wrote.(The pieces are not hosted on this site.)

  • All Weather is Good Weather, as published in Home Magazine, (March, 1934)
  • An Apology For Going to College
  • Are We Wasters of Time? as published in Home Magazine, (January, 1933)
  • Blazing the Trail, as published in Home Magazine, (October, 1934)
  • Braille, the Magic Wand of the Blind
  • A Chant of Darkness, as published in Century Magazine, (May, 1908)
  • Christmas Day is Children's Day, as published in Home Magazine, (December, 1931)
  • Dreams That Come True, as published in Personality, (December, 1927)
  • An Epic of Courage: See
  • To Girls Who Are Going To College, as published in the Youth's Companion, (June 8, 1905)
  • Going Back to School, as published in the Home Magazine, (September, 1934
  • Great American Women, as published in Home Magazine, (February, 1932)
  • The Great Choice, as published in Home Magazine, (January, 1932)
  • Heroism, as published in Home Magazine, (September, 1933)
  • I Must Speak, as published in Ladies' Home Journal, (January, 1901)
  • In the Garden of the Lord
  • Intelligent Reading, as published in Home Magazine, (July, 1933)
  • June Skies, as published in Home Magazine, (June, 1932)
  • Let Us Create Beauty, as published in Home Magazine, (March, 1932)
  • Magic in Your Fingers! as published in Home Magazine, (May, 1932)
  • Miss Keller Celebrates a Sight-Giver, as published in The New York Times Magazine, (November 17, 1929)
  • My Future As I See It, (n.d.; document source not identified)
  • My Luminous Universe, as published in Guideposts, (1956)
  • Optimism (1903)
  • Put Your Husband in the Kitchen, as published in Atlantic Monthly, (August, 1932)
  • Seek the Cause, as published in Home Magazine, (March, 1933)
  • The Simplest Way to be Happy, as published in Home Magazine, (February, 1933)
  • The Song of the Stone Wall
  • Teacher's Sayings
  • Three Days to See, as published in Atlantic Monthly, (January, 1933)
  • The Unprivileged, as published in Home Magazine, (November, 1931)
  • We Can Do More, as published in Home Magazine, (February, 1934)
  • Woman and Peace, as published in Home Magazine, (May, 1930)
  • My Animal Friends, as published in the Zoological Society Bulletin, (September 1923, draft)
  • This I Believe

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