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Two Variable Statistics Assignments

Unit 2 - Two Variable Statistics

Day 1 - Review Lines of Best Fit

Homework: pg 37 # 1ac, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9

Independent Learning -
Students read pages 31 - 35 then complete work from textbook.

Day 3 - Median - Median Line,
              Fathom Investigations

Homework: pg 41 #  11, 12
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Day 4 - Residuals and Residual Plots,
             Fathom Investigation

Homework: pg 52 # 5ac(without tech.), 6, 7
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Day 5 - Cause and Effect Relationships,
              Summer Time in Guelph

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Day 6 - Review

 Homework: pg 68-70 # 5abc, 6, 7,  pg 71-72 # 3 (graph lobf), 4, 6, 9  

No worksheets on this day. Students begin unit review.

Day 7 - Leafs Playoff Attempt , Misrepresenting Data

Homework: pg 60 # 1-6, 9-12
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Day 8 - Review, Practice Using Ti-83 

Homework: Day 6 + pg 68 - 70 # 4, 9, pg 72 # 7, 8, 10
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